Welcome to the Sonopa Project

SOcial Networks for Older adults to Promote an Active Life (SONOPA) will empower elders to stay active, autonomous and socially connected and consequently support and unburden family caregivers. Sonopa will achieve this objective by combining a Social Network with Activity Recognition in a Smart Home environment to stimulate and support activities and daily life tasks. Through the social network component and a telepresence system, new and existing contacts will be included in the activities and therefore in the elder’s daily life.


Technologies incorporated in Sonopa include:


  • a social network
  • measurement systems to register the activities of the user at home and with their peers
  • behavior modeling and user profiling techniques, delivering a pattern of the elder’s activities over time by analyzing and summarizing the large sensory data and registered logs
  • a user interface providing personalized recommendations, reminders and encouraging activities to the elder


What can SONOPA do?


The SONOPA system creates a personalised activity profile for each user. Through easy to use wall displays the user is encouraged to take part in suggested activities when their activity level drops below normal. SONOPA promotes simple leisure or social activities that are tailored to the interests of each user. Through the social network and smart screen technology, new contacts with similar interests will add to the user’s social and friendship circles.


AAL Project Reference: AAL-20125-187

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